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Recent questions

Q. (from Sue in Manchester) Dear Emma, I've booked a band for our wedding but our venue has a sound limiter. I don't know what this means and I'm worried it will be a problem, please could you help?!

A. Hi Sue, firstly well done for booking a band! Live music always creates a wonderful ambience at any wedding and you should be able to get the band to learn your first dance for free! So onto your question......... Sound limiters measure the volume of your band and if they go above the limit (measured in decibels) the cut off the electrics which will stop your band (possibly mid song). Make sure you find out what the limit is and check with the band. If it's low it might be wise to book an acoustic band (unplugged) instead. You can find some fantastic unplugged Jazz Bands who will really get everyone dancing!

Q. (from Jane in Mile End, London) Dear Emma, we've booked a venue for our wedding and the max number of guests is 150 people. We have invited about 175 people and I'm really worried what will happen if they all turn up! 

A. Hi Jane, thanks for your question. The rule of thumb when you invite guests is that one third of people can't come. I know that sounds a lot but generally it's true. People can't get out of work or have personal problems that come up which mean they can't make it. If you've invited 175 people I would say about 60 won't be able to come which takes your total down to 115, hope that's helped! 

Q. (from Giles, Colchester) Dear Emma, I've been put in charge of entertainment and am really stuck on whether to choose a wedding band or DJ? Our budget means we can't have both.

A. Hi Giles, good question! Both bands and DJs help get your reception party get going! DJs are generally a bit cheaper (as there's usually only one of them!) but bands create that wonderful live feel. Many bands can now offer a DJ service after their sets for free! Either that or you could ask the band if you could use their sound system and plug in your own ipod. Hope this helps!